Ferris Consulting's Services

Ferris Consulting helps Law firms, Businesses and Collaborative Practice professionals to attract desirable and profitable clients. Our mission is to help firms and practitioners achieve accelerated growth.

We help you achieve accelerated growth through the creation of a strategic vision, definition of key differentiators, focused client identification and creation and execution of a customized marketing plan. Everything we do is aligned with the results you want to achieve. We are all about helping you build a profitable practice that brings fulfillment to your work.

We have assembled a team of marketing experts including, branding and design leaders, copywriting masters, blog pioneers and media relations professionals to help you communicate how your firm is the leading choice for your desirable clients.

Authentic Marketing is the hallmark of Ferris Consulting. Our passion is to help you grow a practice that is in alignment with your strengths, values and goals. Our most successful clients are the firms who value excellence, client value and integrity.

Ferris Consulting specializes in such services as:

Law Firm Marketing and Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Vision - what does success look like?
  • Client identification - who is your ideal (profitable) client?
  • Message development - how do you communicate who you are?
  • Branding - how do you stand out from the pack?
  • Customized Marketing plan - how will you reach your goals?

Collaborative Law Practice Marketing and Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning to define direction for Statewide, Regional or National organizations
  • Marketing Planning to increase demand and awareness for collaborative law practice
  • Practice Group Development to increase the growth of collaborative law for practice groups

Marketing seminars and workshops

  • How to grow your collaborative law practice
  • How to grow your family law practice
  • Building a referral strategy - on line and off line
  • Developing your message to attract desirable clients
  • Authentic Marketing - Building a practice based on your strengths

One on one coaching for practice growth

  • Personalized coaching for lawyers
  • Customized practice growth coaching for Collaborative Law professionals

Communications and branding

  • Logo
  • Web site design
  • Brochures
  • Advertising
  • Blog development and design
  • Media Relations
  • Newsletter

Client Comments

“Your presentation in London last week was properly inspirational. Instead of the usual marketing tricks repackaged as a new product, your presentation was fresh and relevant and has inspired me to adopt a new strategy for building my law practice.” 

- London Family Law Solicitor

"Liz’s workshop helped me to identify what my law practice stands for what I wanted to achieve for my clients. My referrals have increased and my entire practice has changed." 

- Andrea Vacca, Attorney, New York

“Having attended Liz Ferris’ full day workshop in New Orleans, I can say first hand what a privilege it was to work with and spend a day with such a speaker. She elevated my ability to sell myself and my Collaborative law practice. You will come away enervated and ready for the next chapter of growth in your collaborative law work.”

- Caroline Counsel, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Melbourne, Australia