About Elizabeth Ferris

With more than 25 years of business development consulting including, strategic planning, message development and marketing plan execution, Elizabeth Ferris helps Law Firms, and Collaborative Professionals to achieve accelerated growth. She is an experienced law firm marketing specialist.

Elizabeth has achieved optimal results for her clients through developing and executing strategic and marketing plans. She is a skilled facilitator of law firm retreats and assists her clients to develop a shared vision and alignment centered around priority goals. Her clients include some of the most successful Law Firms in North America and the UK. She is a frequent speaker and author on the topic of marketing and growing your practice. Elizabeth has conducted marketing workshops, strategic planning  and law firm partner retreats throughout North America, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Austria and England.

Elizabeth and her  team of marketing specialists were the original architects for the Collaborative Law Practice brand, including the logo, tagline, brochure and marketing campaign. This campaign resulted in worldwide name recognition for Collaborative Practice significantly increasing the awareness and demand for Collaborative Practice in North America and Europe.

Elizabeth Ferris started Ferris Consulting in March, 2000 to help Businesses and Law Firms achieve accelerated growth. The mission of Ferris Consulting is to help lawyers and professionals build and grow a profitable practice that brings significant value to clients and fulfillment to the practitioner.

Elizabeth previously held senior management positions in business development. At IRG, a wholly owned subsidiary or Cobalt corporation (Blue Cross Blue Shield United of Wisconsin, USA), Elizabeth was vice president of business development and responsible for increasing revenues from $6 million to $40 million over a seven year period. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA.Elizabeth can be reached by email at eferris@ferrisconsult.com.


About Neil Becker

Neil Becker has over 25 years of design experience and is the founder of Becker Design. Prior to the inception of Becker Design, Neil Becker lived in New York City, where he gained experience on accounts such as Knoll International and HBO Video. He later worked at the Limited, Inc.’s corporate headquarters, where he designed brand imaging and marketing materials for three national retail chains. Neil has taught graphic design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and is presently on the advisory committee for the William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design.

Ferris Consulting and Becker Design enjoy a collaborative partnership that began more than a decade ago. The partnership offers diverse clients a wide range of design and advertising services, including web communications/interactive development, corporate identity, creative direction and writing, and marketing analysis.

About Robert Schultz

Creative director, Robert Schultz, is a veteran writer in both the advertising and public relations fields. His career spans agency and client-side work, with positions in advertising, television broadcasting and higher education. An expert in the service industries, Robert has written for academic medical centers throughout the U.S., legal and accounting firms, and financial services. Robert's broad experience makes him equally adept at developing branding strategy with corporate executives and discussing the nuances of technology with product managers.

About Karen Spillers

Karen E. Spillers, A practical and conceptual thinker, capable of drawing from close to 25 years of communications experience, she provides counsel that at once is creative, useful and effective. Her proven track record of media placements display sound editorial judgment and the ability to find and define the interesting, the novel, the significant in any subject area that arises. Karen is the founder of Corp Comm Strategies, a public relations firm focused on influencing public opinion.

Karen began her career as a broadcast journalist serving as News Director and hosting her own highly rated call-in talk show for an ABC radio affiliate in central Illinois. She honed her skills in business media relations and financial writing at The Financial Relations Board, the nation’s largest investor relations agency. On the corporate side, she served as Director of Corporate Communications at Boulevard Bancorp, Inc. (acquired by U.S. Bank), where she was responsible for developing and directing integrated communications efforts. Since 1994 she has grown a successful practice by implementing award winning strategic as well as tactical programs for her clients.

Karen is a graduate of Valparaiso University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communications.  She is an elected member of the Board of Trustees in the Village of Wilmette, Illinois, and has been a leader in a variety of community organizations.